Fujitsu SP-1120 Driver

Fujitsu SP-1120 Driver

Fujitsu SP-1120 Driver

Fujitsu SP-1120 Driver – Fujitsu SP-1120 Driver in the FUJITSU SP-1120 photo scanner, Fujitsu provides a family of new entry-level scanners to scan documents professionally. These three models are DIN A4 double scanners and offer scan speeds of up to 20 ppm, 25 ppm, or 30 ppm.

Work environment
With its very small size, the SP-1120 is the perfect choice when space is limited. With only 298 × 135 mm size (W x D), they are ideally suited for small tables in the environment facing customers. The SP-1120 contains a simple operator panel that has only two buttons (scan / stop and power) and can be used intuitively by employees. Nutrients are equipped with brake reels to separate each page. In the case of this rare multicast, it can be reliably detected by ultrasonic sensors.
Ideal for desktop location

Compact design size
The SP-1120 has a small size, so it can be used in the office or in the receiver where space is limited. Even with its small size, it is equipped with brake reels to separate each page accurately, and ultrasonic sensors for accurate detection of multiple printers, so users can scan without worrying about potential problems.
Speed ​​20 pages per minute scanning. The SP-1120 helps users complete scanning tasks in a short time without compression, with 20 pages per minute (A4 color, 200/300 dpi). The ADF maintains up to 50 sheets (2) at a time, and the scanning speed is maintained up to 300 dpi.

Supports scanning of plastic cards
Fujitsu SP-1120 Driver is capable of handling various documents from thin to thick paper (50-209 g / ㎡), as well as plastic cards (3) for various tasks and applications. In the case of non-prescription services, plastic application forms and ID cards can be examined at the same time to avoid waiting for customers.

Fujitsu SP-1120 Driver Features

Simple design and easy to use

sp11xx Simple and easy to use design that can reduce scanning procedures and reduce human errors. The SP-1120 contains a simple operator panel that contains only two buttons (clear / stop and power), and after making Presto preparations! PageManager ™, there is a need to press one button only to store document image data immediately
The SP-1120 comes with an advanced software package: the ISIS TWAIN PaperStream driver makes perfect image production, even for untrained users who are not familiar with scanning. PaperStream IP automatically detects document sizes, deletes blank pages, and automatically rotates these images if necessary.

An effective document scanning program to increase productivity

PaperStream IP Series SP – Automatically creates the most convenient image data for trouble-free scanning
The PaperStream IP driver, which supports TWAIN / ISIS, gives you trouble to improve your OCR documentation. This automatically detects not only document size, one side or two sides, but also automatically converts images to very clean images, and accelerates OCR even when scanning documents or documents that wrinkle or become dirty with background styles.

By applying Service Update 7 in Fujitsu SP-1120 Driver, users will have more control over group scan settings. ABBYY ™ FineReader ™ Sprint (1) – Create searchable files from paper documents, allowing you to find your information more easily later. Scanned data can be converted to searchable PDFs or Office documents such as Microsoft® Word for everyday work tasks. OCR is capable of handling 190 languages, which means that it is a very valuable feature in a mixed language environment.

Prestige! PageManager ™ – makes it easy to scan, share, and manage documents and files.

Everyone in the office can learn and use it quickly. Prestige! PageManager ™ works with the SP Series scanner to convert paper documents to organized digital documents. You can create, write, and open PDFs without converting files or other applications. You can split multiple pages of PDF files into separate files or merge multiple PDF files into a single file. You can group your files, stack or publish your files.

PaperStream Capture Lite (5) – Achieves batch capture and works seamlessly with workflow

By configuring and storing your profile settings, PaperStream Capture Lite will greatly improve the productivity of your workflow capture processes. This is a light version of the “PaperStream Capture” program, the famous batch capture software for “Seri fi”. (6)

In addition, the drivers provide highly complex image processing that implements features such as noise elimination, background and float removal, etc., to produce high-quality images that are very clear and suitable to be imported directly into the user’s workflow. ABBYY Sprint FineReader can handle 190 languages ​​and allows users to create searchable PDFs or convert documents into editable files, Microsoft Word documents. Presto PageManager! Provides image data management and editing and can be connected to the scanning button in the operator panel, so that only one scanning button needs to be loaded to store image document data instantly.

Fujitsu SP-1120 Driver Performance

The SP-1120 offers speeds of up to 20 ppm (simple) or 40 ppm black and white, color or gray at 200 dpi or 300 dpi. The 50-sheet automatic feeder can handle different sizes of small documents (52 x 74mm) to DIN A4 (210 x 297mm). Long document scanning up to 3048 mm Supports ISO7810 compliant plastic card and scans in landscape mode (one card at a time.

Then first check the antivirus settings that are owned. To make sure they make it possible to configure the Fujitsu fi Driver. Instructions that must first be understood, when downloading Fujitsu SP-1120 Driver Download Support.

First, select the scanner and the OS that is used and then point the cursor to the Fujitsu fi driver series. You will be directed to the Setup Installer page as desired. After downloading Fujitsu fi driver & software is complete. Check for the latest updates that may be available.

Apply all of the Fujitsu fi Drivers & Software Updater before using the scanner. The Fujitsu fi Installer available here. Also allows you to install Fujitsu fi Manager. The Fujitsu fi Online Update and Fujitsu fi Manuals too. Third party driver that is not available for download. PFU is not authorized to distribute driver that is owned.

Fujitsu SP-1120 Driver Windows :

Fujitsu PaperStream IP (TWAIN) for SP Series
Fujitsu PaperStream IP (TWAIN x64) for SP Series
Fujitsu PaperStream IP (ISIS) for SP Series 1.13.31602.25001
Fujitsu Error Recovery Guide for SP Series
Fujitsu PaperStream Capture Lite
Fujitsu SP Series Online Update
Fujitsu Scanner Central Admin Agent V1.04.0023.19
Fujitsu Scanner Central Admin Console V03.04.24
Fujitsu Scanner Central Admin Server V04.06.25
Fujitsu Image Scanner Driver for Linux

When Software & Driver is installed updates, can be completed by updating online directly from the Driver. Next, we give the Fujitsu SP-1120 Duplex Scan Driver Support Download link available for download as a full version.

Fujitsu SP-1120 Driver

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