Fujitsu fi-4860C Driver

Fujitsu fi-4860C Driver

Fujitsu fi-4860C Driver – Fujitsu fi-Series (fi-4860C) Image scanner is an A3 color scanner, dual scan color / speed: 60 ppm / 120ipm, standard Drop Out Color feature, 500 large capacity hopper sheets, high quality image processing, Ultra Sonic detection, SCSI interface ultra wide and inprinter options. The Fujitsu fi-4860C photo scanner (Ultra-Wide SCSI) provides high-speed duplex scanning capabilities. The Fujitsu fi-4860C Scanner can be used proudly because it is equipped with various extraordinary features.

The Fujitsu fi-4860C Scanner will ensure that the results you want to achieve can be used in the future. Now the Fujitsu fi-4860C image scanner does not need to sacrifice color or image quality for speed. Bright colors with the same monochrome speed (63 ppm / 125 ipm @ 200 dpi, Portrait). The high quality Fujitsu fi-4860C work cycle allows you to scan up to 10,000 documents a day. The Fujitsu fi-4860C photo scanner contains a 500-page automatic document feeder (ADF) with dual ultrasound detection. The JPEG, ScanRight ™, IPC, Adobe® Acrobat® and VRS 4.x Plus compression formats include the configuration of available image enhancements. Increase productivity with Fujitsu services and support.

Fujitsu fi-4860C Driver and Software

Speed, flexibility and reliability without sacrificing the Fujitsu fi-4860C image scanner. The Fujitsu fi-4860C color scanner does not impose a choice between color, quality and performance. The two-color CCD array scans the side of the page in one lane, allowing you to scan 63 ppm and 125 ppm (200 dpi) in color, gray or monochrome. Thanks to the business cycle of 10,000 pages per day, the fi-4860C provides easy-to-use production testing requirements. The 500-page ADF reliably holds documents ranging from 2.9 inches to 2.9 inches to 11 inches in 17 and can be configured to store 250 pages for smaller collections.

For smooth feeding, the Automatic Feeding Unit (ADF) is also equipped with a dual ultrasonic feed detection feature, ensuring superior paper productivity. The fi-4860C also offers automatic detection of page size and file size in a gray scale format, which allows you to check a variety of documents. Along with the high-bandwidth SCSI-III connection and the full version of Adobe® Acrobat®, the fi-4860C is an ideal addition to the production scanning environment. VRS configuration is also available for advanced image processing technology including automatic trimming, desktop level adjustments, and brightness. For more flexibility, the fi-4860C scanner offers optional Pre-Scan / Front-Side or Post-Scan / Back-Side Imprinter.

Fujitsu fi-4860C Driver Windows :

Fujitsu TWAIN32 Version 9.18.900
Fujitsu ISIS™ Version 1.5.10909.18001d
Fujitsu ScandAll PRO V2.0.21 Update Pack
Fujitsu TWAIN32 Version 9.18.210
Fujitsu TWAIN32 Version 8.18.210
Fujitsu ISIS Version 1.5.10407.23010

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