Fujitsu Duplex Scan fi-6140Z Support

Fujitsu Duplex Scan fi-6140Z Support

Fujitsu Duplex Scan fi-6140Z Support

Fujitsu Duplex Scan fi-6140Z  – The Fujitsu Duplex Scan fi-6140z comes with duplex scanning speeds of up to 120 images per minute in Color, Grayscale, and Monochrome. The Fujitsu fi-6140Z Scanner is able to balance high performance with one of the most sophisticated paper separation technologies in its class. The Fujitsu fi-6140Z Scanner has also combined reverse roller technology with a number of intelligent features so as to provide exceptional feed reliability and operating productivity in a variety of scanning situations.

Details of the product from the Fujitsu fi-6140Z Scanner are among the fastest scanners in its class, business scanners. The Fujitsu fi-6140Z Scanner brings document retrieval quickly and efficiently to the desktop – for individual knowledge workers, hot-desking teams or small work groups. Even without special scanning departments, companies can make documents capture and classification more productive, with documents that are easily directed into agile business processes.

Information retrieval is faster for everyone, and ownership costs are reduced through central management and integrated administration software. The Fujitsu fi-6140Z Scanner is now bundled with Kofax VRS 5.0 Professional Kofax VRS. This feature is a VRS verification and adjustment feature that produces perfect images every time. The ability of the Fujitsu fi-6140Z Scanner to efficiently digitize large volumes of documents dramatically increases scan productivity.

Fujitsu Duplex Scan fi-6140Z Features

Easy to use. Automatically rotate documents based on content to present correctly oriented images Automatically detect color images without having to change scanner settings. Refined image output with compacted background colors Supports Adrenalin Image Processing Engine (AIPE), which is capable of processing bar codes and so on. Produce perfect images on the Fujitsu fi-6140Z Scanner with Kofax VRS Professional. Fujitsu fi-6140Z Scanner comes with the latest version of Kofax VRS. This powerful software optimizes scanning settings so that documents are digitized into the highest quality images.

This has the added benefit of increasing the accuracy of OCR in extracting document data. The high-end fi series scanner Fujitsu fi-6140Z Scanner displays “Smart” functions that are highly valued by customers from various industries. The Fujitsu fi-6140Z Scanner is the first scanner in the Series f department range to offer these functions. Documents with attached material such as photographs or memos can be incorrectly identified as multifeed during scanning.

This function ensures that this does not happen so preparing documents for scanning is easier and the scanning process is more efficient. It’s better to protect your valuable documents from damage. The paper protection function on the Fujitsu fi-6140Z Scanner automatically stops the scanning process immediately after detecting a sudden paper bending that can cause paper jams. The Fujitsu fi-6140Z Scanner carries highly respected automatic functions of its highly successful predecessor. LSI special image processing on the Fujitsu fi-6140Z Scanner ensures that your documents are scanned quickly and efficiently into high-quality image data.

Then first check the antivirus settings that are owned. To make sure they make it possible to configure the Fujitsu fi Driver. Instructions that must first be understood, when downloading Fujitsu Duplex Scan fi-6140Z And Software.

First, select the scanner and the OS that is used and then point the cursor to the Fujitsu fi driver series. You will be directed to the Setup Installer page as desired. After downloading Fujitsu fi Driver & Software is complete. Check for the latest updates that may be available. Apply all of the Fujitsu fi Drivers & Software Updater before using the scanner. The Fujitsu fi Installer available here. Also allows you to install Fujitsu fi Manager. The Fujitsu fi Online Update and Fujitsu fi Manuals too. Third party Driver that is not available for download. PFU is not authorized to distribute Driver that is owned.

Fujitsu Duplex Scan fi-6140Z for Windows :

Fujitsu PaperStream IP (TWAIN)
Fujitsu PaperStream IP (ISIS) Bundle
Fujitsu PaperStream Capture Update
2D Barcode for PaperStream 1.1.1 Update
Fujitsu ScanSnap Manager for fi Series 1.0.12 Update
Fujitsu ScandAll PRO V2.1.5 Update


When Software & Driver is installed updates, can be completed by updating online directly from the Driver. Next, we give the Fujitsu fi-6140Z Download Support link available for download as a full version.

Fujitsu Duplex Scan fi-6140Z Support Site

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